Rebel Bingo Brings the Circus to Your Dobber

Rebel BingoBingo is not exactly the hip gaming craze that excites the masses, not the masses under fifty at least. But the traveling circus that is Rebel Bingo is trying to change that by infusing the simple game with crazy prizes, competitive face-offs for prizes, sexed up punked out girls talking dirty and a liberal dose of liquor.

The event, that has previously graced Las Vegan guests at LVH and the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmo, on July 18, held court at the Act nightclub inside the Palazzo Casino. Act makes earns its fame from the side show theatrics that is nightly injects into the standard local nightclub life, thus it seemed like a perfect environment to host this bombastic underworld party of Bingo and debauchery. No one appeared to blink as the costumed wanderer on stilts shimmied through the crowd surrounding the dance floor.

The show started a little late but with much enthusiasm from the MC as he called the crowd to the stage. He introduced his troupe, laid down the rules and the Bingo began.  The two ladies that accompanied the man with the megaphone begin the call out the numbers, loudly and quickly, prefaced with rhymes full of double entendre. Not to mention the rhymes full of outright sexy vulgarity, but this was an after-midnight crowd out late in Las Vegas, so of course no one minds and the ladies receive exactly the loud, excitement they sought from the crowd.Rebel Bingo 3

After a series of dirty rhymes and assorted numbers are called out, the first winner runs onto the stage to hug the MC, as he has instructed all winners they must, and then she waits for the runner up, because in Rebel Bingo the two winners must compete head to head for their prize. The moment a contestant has emerged victorious from the duel, the floor erupts with noise and confetti rains from the ceiling as the winner is announced.

Then more bingo, more drinking and more prizes ensue until the cards are all full, faces have been painted with dobbers or markers (or sharpies for the unlucky few) and the room of revelers is left in more familiar surroundings. Albeit only slightly more familiar, as they remain in the debaucherous Act, but the crowd is primed and they faithfully party away the afterhours on the Las Vegas Strip.


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